Tranmere Rovers’ Head of Sports Science Andy Hodgen: Three Ways to Improve Fitness

By Joel Lampkin

With a spate of injuries throughout the season at times threatening to derail Tranmere Rovers’ promotion push, one man offers his advice on how to stay on the track to fitness.

Andy Hodgen is the Head of Sports Science for The Super Whites and has got the likes of Ben Tollitt, James Wallace, Jeff Hughes and Scott Davies all back to supreme condition to help keep the hopes of a return to the football league alive.

After leaving his role as first-team fitness coach at Shrewsbury Town, the Preston born man switched to Birkenhead to be closer to home but what three things does he say everyone should follow to remain in the best possible shape?

Input & OutputScreen Shot 2018-03-10 at 01.07.57

AH: “Whatever you put into your body is going to stay there as a fuel source. If it is not great stuff in terms of a source of fuel then you have to increase your output.

“Some people want to lose weight quickly and they think they can go on these Mad crash diets and restrict what goes in and then not do any exercise – which is fine.

“If your input is not great – your output has to be bigger, if you keep it as a see-saw and find the harmony you will be fine.

“If there is a terrible amount of input going in with rubbish food and no output you will find weight fluctuates, fitness fluctuates it is just a dead simple thing to follow.”

Enjoy What You Do

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 01.17.30

AH: “What we try to do is to get the lads to enjoy it, It could be something as simple as incorporating a game of tick. It is fun, it gets my job done and it is enjoyable, not always but it tends to be, it is just about incorporating a bit of fun into it.

“If you are doing an exercise and you are working full-time…enjoy it! If you are not enjoying it, it becomes a chore, it becomes a job and you don’t stick to it.”

Stick to it – IT TAKES TIME!

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 01.23.59

AH: “If you have a plan of attack, whether that be to follow this diet, exercise or workout regime stick to it; relentlessly. The more you persevere with the hard work or the dieting or graft – it will pay off.

“There will be times when you get to the halfway point and you may not notice the difference straight away, it takes time.

“When the lads [players] are doing rehab, we have to get them fit again, the hard part is that it is a long lengthy road and the lads will do two or three sessions and before they know it they are a week into their rehab and they do not see the results they are going to see, because they want to be fit straight away.

“It takes time, stick to it, stick to the process. Don’t change what you are doing, if you believe in it and persevere in it, it will happen.”


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