PRE MATCH: Scott Davies on Tranmere’s promotion hopes and final quarter mentality ahead of final ten games

By George Williamson

Tranmere Rovers goalkeeper Scott Davies insists his side can still win the National League title, but must not get carried away with their position in the play-offs as the season boils down to just ten more games.

Rovers face Dagenham on Saturday, and with around a quarter of the season left to play, Davies believes the team can still catch Macclesfield at the summit of the division.

He said: “There’s still 30 points to play for so it’s nearly a quarter of the season.

“If you look at the first ten games of the season, how the league table turns around in that ten and then the next ten, we just have to look at winning these next ten and kind of turn it into a mini league and see where that gets us.

“The league’s definitely still on but if not, we’ll get there however we get there.

“It’s a long season and you can always break a season down into one game at a time, but we know there’s still a lot of points to play for.

“Macclesfield are looking strong at the minute but I’ve been around football a long time to know that gap can turn around quite quickly so we just have to concentrate on ourselves and see where we get to.”

Third-placed Tranmere and tenth-placed Bromley are separated by just nine points, showing just how many teams are in the running for the play-offs, and although Davies has been in and around promotion winning sides before, he says he’s never been in a situation with so many teams battling to make the post-season.

He said: “I’ve never been (in a promotion race) with that many teams in it, and I think the main thing that helps is that you just have to really look at yourselves.

“One weekend can change things very quickly, but we’ve got enough experience in the dressing room to know that if we just look after ourselves there’s still a lot in the league left to play for.

“You’re not human if you don’t think of scenarios, we all do, but I think that’s where you’ve got to be experienced and not get carried away.

“After the Macclesfield game we could have been saying, ‘that’s it, we’re done’ or after the game before that saying, ‘we’re going to win the league’.

“The league turns around so quick, it’s a season, not just one game so we just have to make sure we look after ourselves.”

Dagenham are one of the sides fighting to earn a play-off spot, although it’ll be a long shot for them to make it, but Davies isn’t resting on his laurels as Rovers travel down on Saturday.

He said: “They’re a big club for this level.

“They’ve been there, seen it, done it and the manager has won promotion with them and other clubs so it’s never an easy place to go.

“But I say it time and time again, if we turn up then we should have enough but it’s about all of us collectively doing a job.”


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