How Tranmere Rovers Futsal went above and beyond for one young boy

By Joel Lampkin

While results off the field have not always went the right way for Tranmere Rovers Futsal – their work off the pitch makes them a winner.

Recently, in their last fixture against Loughborough, the players and fans went the extra mile to make a day as special as possible for die hard supporter Ethan.

The young boy has become a social media star among the club’s community for his weekly predictions and his loyalty to the club.

As a mascot for the futsal club he trained with the team, warmed up and walked out, making him feel a part of the action.

An interview with manager Damon Shaw two months revealed how he believes the sport can welcome in more fans and the club’s actions over the weekend truly abide by his beliefs.

He said: “Without the tv, kids are coming to play, they are enjoying it [and] the word is spreading.

“We have a waiting list of double what we have at the minute, so we have 140 kids in our academy, we have double that are wanting to start, so I dont think TV is needed to grow the game.

“I think you can grow the game just through word of mouth and putting on a good product and training session.

“I think kids just need to see it live in person, meet the players, get to know the players, the club, and feel a part of it and then they will want to come.”

Ethan’s mother Gemme Byrne, shared her delight at how her son freely expressed himself at the match through cheering with the youngster leading the chants.

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