POST-MACCLESFIELD – Jay Harris: “It’s hard to get your head around how the game’s gone like that so quickly”

By George Williamson

Tranmere Rovers midfielder Jay Harris is finding it hard to understand how the game against Macclesfield got away from them so quickly in the second half, as Town beat the Super Whites 4-1 at Prenton Park on Tuesday night.

The visitors led through a Danny Whitaker goal against the run of play, before being pegged back after Andy Cook pulled Rovers level early in the second half, and Harris believes that was when Tranmere were at their most potent.

He said: “I think it was (a harsh score line) whether people think I’m biased or not because I’m a Tranmere player but I think we dominated the first half.

“Obviously the goal was against the run of play, second half we came out with our tails up, we scored a goal, and then we’ve been hit, yet again, by a goal that we could have done without.

“And then obviously the decision by the referee, whether it was or wasn’t (a penalty), it’s happened and before you know it it’s 4-1.

“As a player, mentally, it’s hard to get your head around how the game’s gone like that, that quick, but we’ve got to push that under the carpet now.

“If we dwell on it we could end up down the table, we’ve just got to go again.”

Harris was asked how the dressing room was immediately after the game, and predictably, he admitted it was a tough pill to swallow.

He said: “We were low, straight after the game.

“You’ve got to try and lift the lads but under the circumstances; obviously the result, not going one point behind the leaders and things like that, it’s hard, I’m not going to lie to you.

“We just have to go away after Tuesday night and just reflect really, and then obviously it’s back to work on Thursday.

“You can’t really dwell on it too much.”

Despite the disappointing result though, Harris was quick to point out that they’ll be looking to improve things, but would have done so regardless of the result.

He said: “Just because we’ve been beaten 4-1, even in games you win there’s areas you can reflect on.

“Obviously we’re not Premier League players, we are going to make mistakes.

“We need to improve every single game, whether that’s after a loss, win or draw.

“The gaffer is right, we need to iron out mistakes but we’ve just got to get better for the next game because there’s eleven games coming up and it’s a big run-in.”


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