Getting to know Ben Tollitt

By Josh Roberts

‘Do what you’re good at and it’ll get you noticed’. Those were the words a certain Ben Tollitt has lived by during his footballing career to date.

It was while he was at Everton Academy that his then coach, Eddie Murray, drummed the advice into his head and it has paid dividends for the 22-year-old.

Those words were music to the ears of the winger who found his natural game stifled under certain coaches as a youngster.

“He [Eddie Murray] obviously saw I was a good dribbler with the ball and he always told me to carry on doing that,” said Tollitt.

Ben Tollitt vs Ebbsfleet

Tollitt showing off his dribbling ability against Ebbsfleet

“I’ve had loads of different coaches during my time, teaching me to play different ways, you take on board what they’re saying but for me I’ve always been a good runner with the ball.

“[I’ve] always been quite athletic so I try to use that as much as I can in my game and obviously the little bits I’ve learned along the way from other coaches I use in my game but for the majority of it it’s trying to overpower people with my running and dribbling abilities.”

For Tollitt it was only ever football he had eyes for growing up in his native Liverpool after watching his Dad play every Saturday morning.

“My dad used to play footy a bit, not professionally but part time so I was always on a Saturday going down to watch him in the rain.

“He’d be tripping me up in the mud, laughing at me even when I was crying but I suppose that got me used to playing from a young age,” laughed Tollitt.

His Dad was also one who assured him to play his natural game while developing as a player.

“My dad as well always told me to carry on dribbling with the ball.

“When I was at Everton Academy [other coaches] wanted the team to play a more passive possession type so you’ve just got to take all those types of coaching in and use them in your game but stick to what you’re good at,” said Tollitt.


Tollitt on his return from injury wearing the famous number 7

The impact his Dad has had on him is clear for all to see so you would naturally assume that there could only be one footballing hero in the wide man’s life.

But you’d be wrong. Tollitt’s footballing hero is someone who has five Ballon D’ors to his name amongst other personal accolades he has gathered across his extensive career.

“It’s Ronaldo,” said Tollitt. “He plays roughly the same position as me and probably the same style a little bit like that.

“I’m nowhere near his level but if I can get half as good as him I’m not doing too badly. He’s someone to look up to and I don’t think he’s a bad person to be looking up to.”

As Tollitt’s career continues to flourish during his time at Tranmere, there is an aim to emulate his footballing icon.

If you picked up the Match Day Programme against Ebbsfleet you would have exclusively seen this interview first!


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