Andy Mangan – Away From Football

By Josh Roberts

Away from football, what does Tranmere Rovers forward Andy Mangan enjoy?

Well the answer might just surprise you if you haven’t seen him walking around with his familiar, distinctive backpack.

“I’ve just always been into Star Wars, Spider-Man, XMen, Thor, I love it. I’ve got two little lads as well, Louis and Finley, and they love it as well.

Andy Mangan Interview

Mangan keen to show us his Stormtrooper jumper.

“You’ll always see me carrying my Spider-Man bag round or my Marvel bags. I just love things that aren’t real so anyone knows of any Lightsabres’ I’ll have one,” joked Mangan.

Even during the interview, the self-proclaimed Star Wars fan proceeded to show us the Stormtrooper jumper he was wearing after his appearance in a behind-closed-doors friend against Fleetwood.

And even managed to get in a quick endorsement for friends’ John Sutton’s clothing company Lost Souls to the amusement of those of us in attendance.


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