Damon Shaw says futsal is not the answer, but may be part of the solution

By Joel Lampkin

Tranmere Rovers manager Damon Shaw believes that while other countries sit ahead of the United Kingdom in football, the benefit of futsal will help a new calibre of British player evolve.

With a diverse background in the sport extending to Spain, the 30-year-old has experienced up close the different cultures that have affected abilities in the activity.

While futsal continues to grow and grow, Shaw believes it is not the quick fix many were hoping for, and trusts that England will breed a new type of footballer, separate from the rest.

He said: “It is a culture thing, it is not just futsal, I might get the futsal community slating me for this but futsal it not the answer.

“Futsal is not going to create English superstars, I mean look at some of the England youth teams – they have done fantastically well.

“They have not been brought up with futsal. they might played it a little bit but they have not been brought up with it.”

Having seen first hand how the youth of other countries spend their free time, Shaw is well aware of how much culture plays a part in the growth of players.

Despite this, the manager feels that the mixture of the two sports will only help England’s development in the future although their ability will be much different to the rest of the world brought up on the sport.


He said: “In Brazil every kid plays futsal, spain as well, after school they will go to the park and they will play futsal, they will play in small sided games in the parks, and they are doing that every day.”

He concluded: “I think we will create something very different in England. We will have players that have the grit, determination and fight of English players.”

“The English characteristics will hopefully create a different type of futsal player. I don’t think we will see a lot of Ronaldinho or Coutinho type players coming through from England, you will see a different type of futsal player.

“They wont be like the Brazilians, they will be English futsal players.

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