EXCLUSIVE: Greg Clayton on Vlogging and love for Tranmere Rovers

By Joel Lampkin

Tranmere Rovers are a club with some of the highest average attendances not just in the National League but League One and below and their love of The Super White Army occasionally goes way beyond the standard 90 minutes.

Greg Clayton is one of Rovers’ most well-known fans with his dedication to the club shared with thousands of fans not just in the stadiums but on YouTube too, as his blogs have become a huge hit with fans of the National League side.

He said: “One of the best feeling in the world, and one of the best moments that you will experience like a young lad like me, is watching your team score a goal.

“It was the idea of being able to capture that moment, and the people around you and being able to relive that moment over and over again, I think I’ve done quite a bit in the time that I have been making these videos.”

With hundreds of hours already collected, stored, processed and edited into short videos, the 19-year-old has enjoyed many great experiences already.

Due to the media creations he is able to look back on memories galore which does however make narrowing down a favourite very hard.

He said: “My favourite one has definitely got to be Aldershot away last season, in the playoff semi-final first leg, I mean, each goal, all the three goals, I have timed it and it is full on celebrations for 20+ seconds for each goal.

“Being able to relive that moment again is unbelievable so that has got to be one of them. Then probably the Solihull [Moors] game, it was 9-0, the fact that we managed to score by that many goals and win by nine in a competitive game, I know it was Solihull Moors but still the same league as us so that has to be one of my favourite moments as well.”

“Also, there has been multiple last minute winners. Andy Cook away last season was just phenomenal and also Wrexham away last season that was another amazing one!”

However, his hobby is not always so simple, as he explains a time when celebrating does not always go to a plan.

He explained: “I had my camera out in my hand, and the fella next to me knocked my hand and turned my camera out so I only have a really short clip of that goal celebration but I remember from memory that it was a pretty wild one!”

As a proud supporter both home and away, Greg or ‘Clayo’ as he is called by his YouTube username, offers some reasoning as to why the fans have really taken to his videos.

With his most popular vlog achieving over 11 thousand views and a short clip on his social media amassing over 1.5m he is certainly doing something right to achieve the positive attention.

He said: “Being able to do it from someone else’s perspective as well who can say I remember that time, that was when I was doing whatever and I was hugging that random fella or anything like that.

As Tranmere are pushing for promotion Clayo is still hoping to achieve a goal of vlogging his beloved club in the football league and hopefully some leagues further.

The Super Whites still have everything to play for this season and you can be sure that Greg is going to capture every memory he can.

He said: “I think I will give it a go for a few more years, but I definitely would like to vlog Tranmere being in the football league at the very least!”

For videos of Clayo in action: Click here!


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