Damon Shaw says he is giving youth a chance to shine in the Super League

By Joel Lampkin

Tranmere Rovers futsal first-team have struggled to record a single victory in the Super League this season but manager Damon Shaw is looking at the bigger picture.

The 30-year-old has took what he believes are vital steps to secure the future of the sport for his club by placing trust into his young squad.

The Super Whites’ recent fixture against Cambridge featured the youngest side in their history with an average age of under 20-years-old, something he sees as a small victory on a personal level.

He said: “It is quite an achievement in the National Super League, it was 19-years and three months the average age of the squad last week.

“It probably won’t happen again as our oldest player he was suspended, and we have a couple more experienced players coming in.”

This decision to field such a young squad fits into Shaw’s philosophy and with Tranmere building for the future his ideology makes perfect sense.

Despite the bold decision, the manager remains aware of the risks involved, but his aspirations and dreams eclipse any losses on the pitch.

He said: “You have to be brave to do it. There is a chance we will get relegated, I don’t think we will but there is a chance, we will end in Division 1 next season.

“It is a long-term plan, if we can do our best and stay in [the league] this season, then we will be in a better position next season.

The risk is worth the reward for the manager who believes his ideologies will pay off in the long-run for Tranmere and not just for the futsal team.

With an interest in seeing a mixture and integration between the two first teams of Prenton Park, Shaw can see bright things resulting from the small-sided pitch.

He said: “We have players committed to the club from six, seven and eight years old.”

“My dream is to see those guys playing in the first team in 20 years time, they will be 28, imagine if at that point there is a kid that has been there since he was eight, playing and captaining Tranmere in the Champions League.


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