AFC Fylde vs Tranmere Rovers: Three Stand Out Stars

By Josh Roberts

Tranmere’s five game winning streak came to a crashing end at the hands of AFC Fylde on Saturday afternoon in a wind and rain swept Mill Farm.

It was a poor performance all round from Rovers, shipping five goals after only conceding two in the last five combined. Defensively, the Super Whites were all over the shop and in attack, they didn’t fare much better. However, there was one aspect of the fixture that was a positive;

The Super White Army

The travelling contingent of Tranmere fans that made the short journey to Fylde were full of optimism and hope pre kick off.

By half time, however, it was dismay and dread that had replaced the optimism and hope after watching Fylde score three goals at their end of the pitch.

Despite the horror show that was ongoing on the pitch, the Super White Army were in tremendous voice for the entirety of the match.

The strong 1,400 that braved the weather weren’t rewarded with a performance on the pitch, but their vocal support off it was impressive after having to watch a drab Tranmere side succumb to Fylde.

Jonny Smith

Fylde Smith vs Tranmere

Jonny Smith looks to take on the Tranmere defence (Image: Steve McLellan/AFC Fylde)

Fylde have a lot to thank Smith for as he headed the charge and set the Coasters on their way to a memorable victory.

Smith played a part in the opening two goals, assisting both and his performance continued to get better as the game went on.

The young Scouser had one of his best games of the season and it showed as he dominated the ball when he had it and Tranmere had no answer.

Lewis Montrose

Fylde Celebration

Lewis Montrose joins in the celebrations after AFC Fylde’s fifth goal (Image: Steve McLellan/AFC Fylde)

The imposing central midfielder was voted man of the match on the day by the Fylde commercial sponsors and for good reason.

The no.2 (Yes I despair too, a centre midfielder with the number 2) was a constant thorn in the Tranmere side putting in strong tackles and keeping hold of the ball well.

His presence frustrated Rovers at time with Tranmere players getting into the face of Montrose, especially Jennings who eclited a response from the big man who gestured with his head towards the Rovers man.

He was lucky not to be sent off but his performance was top quality for the Coasters and thankfully for the Fylde fans, he stayed on the pitch.


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