MICKY MELLON: “We knew we were in for a difficult game but got a brilliant three points”

By George Williamson

Tranmere Rovers boss Micky Mellon praised the way his side adapted to difficult circumstances after taking an enforced break last week due to scheduling issues to win 3-0 against a “really improving” Torquay United side.

He said: “We knew we were in for a difficult game, we’ve seen a lot of Torquay recently, we know that they are a very competitive side.

“They’re really improving under a new manager and have pulled together some really good results, so we knew we would be in for a tough game especially at this time of the year as well.

“We’ve not had a game for two weeks so that was obviously in the back of our minds as well but every credit to the players, we had a change of shape and they adapted to it brilliantly well and a got a valuable three points.”

Connor Jennings, whom we exclusively interviewed pre-match, played in a much more advanced role during the victory, and capped off a great performance with the opening goal.

Mellon was quick to express his delight at Jennings’ adaptability after the role change.

He said: “He was excellent, he was great. He showed his adaptability in what he did for us, we all know he’s a really good player and we’re really pleased to have him here.

“It was a terrific header, a really good goal. I think we got a lot of good crosses into the box today for most of the game really, big credit to the players for that, and obviously it was nice to see us get that first goal.

Connor Jennings vs Torquay

Connor Jennings celebrates with James Norwood after his goal against Torquay

“We did have to adapt to the system a little bit because that’s the way that we believe we want to play against them types of teams and them types of systems and hopefully we’ll get success and today the players take all the credit because they got us a result.”

On the second and third goals, Mellon was also keen to highlight his delight at both James Norwood’s and Eddie Clarke’s contributions to Andy Cook’s late brace.

On Norwood, he said: “It was a terrific little ball (from Norwood to set up the goal).

“We probably had two chances, two one v ones with the goalkeeper just before we got that second goal. It was important and obviously it settled everything down, but every man worked their socks off and we’re delighted to get the result.

And on Clarke, Mellon added: “He’s a terrific lad Eddie (Clarke) and we’re really pleased with his progress.

“He’s got into that position and carried us forward and is a different type of option from left back to what Rides does.

“We’re blessed that we have some very good full backs at this football club, so we’re really, really pleased. Eddie will keep going, going, going, we’re really pleased with him, we’re going to make sure we keep his standards high.

“He’s a great kid and we’ll continue to try and keep improving him.”


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