EXCLUSIVE: James Norwood on Missed Wembley Chance and Sleepless nights

By Joel Lampkin

Tranmere Rovers striker James Norwood has revealed how “laughter” has helped his goal scoring troubles in recent years but states that missed chances still keep him awake at night.

The 27-year-old has bagged nine in 21 appearances for The Super Whites this season but has sometimes struggled to put the ball away with even teammates admitting his troubles.

Despite his reputation as a clinical striker, Norwood concedes missed chances linger in his mind, with one high profile opportunity in the play offs particularly vivid.

He said: “I still think about the one at Wembley, I can remember everyone I’ve missed but during the game I have learnt to deal with it a different way.

“I sort of laugh if it happens now, because if I don’t I’ll get angry and I’ll be thrown off my game. I am just ready to put the next one away, and it just helps me keep a clear head.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 23.51.04

Norwood celebrates his second in the 4-0 win over Maidstone United in November

Norwood has scored 45 goals since signing for Rovers in 2015 and says he has been working hard to become an even deadlier marksman.

He said: “I have been working with Lee Jones, to put it right, but the ones where I have been slipped through I have put away no problem, so I think it is just where I have ran so far with the ball having to beat men.

“I tend not to miss the target, I will hit the keeper’s ankle or something like that, there is inches in it.

“Once one goes in I am pretty confident that I will score the next one.”

However, rather than focus on goals, Norwood says he is happy to help the team through creating; a shared philosophy amongst his teammates.

The man from Eastbourne is often key in the buildup to goals, with two assists so far, while being directly involved in many.


He added: “I think I got 17 [goals] last year and people were in the twenties, but I think I had a lot of assists so I was just happy to help the team and I think that is the mentality of every player we have got in the squad.”

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