Exclusive: John Aldridge on managing Tranmere Rovers and highlight of his life

By Joel Lampkin

John Aldridge describes one of his greatest moments in his time at Tranmere Rovers as “emotional” following the recent passing of his father 17 years ago.

The 59-year-old spoke fondly of his team at the helm of Prenton Park following a transition from player to manager during which he led his side to a League One Cup final against Leicester City in 2000, a feat he ranks as one of his greatest.

After taking over managerial duties from the legendary Johnny King, Aldridge, affectionately nicknamed Aldo, was hesitant to take on the role, but his passion and sacrifice have cemented him into Super White history.


Aldridge attends the funeral of the late,great Johnny King in 2016 in Heswall (credit: Liverpool Echo)

“The chairman [Peter Johnson] asked me would I have the job, I said ‘well Johnny King is the manager’, he said ‘you can have it’, I said ‘it’s not fair, you have to tell Johnny first you know’ and he said ‘well if you don’t take it, we will give it to Ronnie Moore’, so we had a chat and whatever and he told Johnny – then I took the job.”

Aldridge recalled his pride in leading his players out for the 2000 League Cup final, although it was an “emotional” time for him following the passing of his father shortly beforehand.

“One of the big highlights in my life was leading Tranmere out in a major cup final” he recalled “that was very, very emotional for me, because my Dad was not there.

“He died shortly before that and he had been to all Wembley appearances with me. To get a small club like Tranmere to a major cup final was huge and it was a great achievement by all, myself and my staff, and the players.”
With Tranmere his one and only managerial occupancy with a respectable record of 93 wins in 269, Aldridge has been reluctant to step back into management following a near 17-year absence – and hopes that he won’t be stepping foot into the dugout any time soon.

Aldo Stats.png

How Aldridge compared in his reign as Tranmere Rovers manager

“I think my days of management are gone, I have been out of the game a long time now, I have gone off a different tangent.

“Tranmere will always be in my mind and my heart, and hopefully it would not come to that.”


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