On this day in 1884: Tranmere win first ever football match

IMG_8820.JPGToday marks a grand day in the history of Tranmere Rovers as the Super White Army played their first ever match in the world of football a whopping 133 years ago.

A 4-0 friendly victory over Brunswick Rovers, established the clubs first steps on the road to success in a history that has seen tears, smiles, promotion and relegation.

While not officially named ‘Tranmere Rovers’ for the fixture, they were named Belmont FC after the coming together of Lyndhurst Wanders and Belmont Cricket Club.

It would not be until one year later than the instantly recognisable name would be official, as The Rovers stormed the pitch wearing blue shirts and white shorts.

In their first recorded match in 1884, the 4-0 thrashing was the catalyst for success in the club’s formative years as under the presidency of James McGaul, The Super White Army lost just one of their first 15-fixtures.

With a longer heritage than its neighbouring club over the water – Liverpool FC, Tranmere are no little brother to the Premier League elite.

Now the club celebrates its 133-year anniversary since its founding with a long-list of people to thank for its continued success.


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