Jeff Hughes: “It is a good time to play Peterborough”

As Tranmere Rovers gear up to take on long-term bogie team Peterborough, one man who has previously been on the other side of the pitch feels his teammates are ready for the challenge.

Rovers midfielder Jeff Hughes, who has adorned a Peterborough shirt in his career feels that playing his former side right now will be a welcomed break following the pressures of the National League.

The Super White Army secured a vital three points against Halifax on Saturday but now all eyes are on this weekend as Micky Mellon’s side travel down to London Road for FA Cup action.

Hughes said: “Well it is a good-time to get something else other than the pressures of the league off your back, so it is a nice little escape.”

Jeff Hughes tranmere

Hughes playing for Peterborough in 2007 (image: Getty-Images)

As the midfielder heads back to London Road where he spent a two-month loan spell in 2007, he said he was looking forward to his return to the East of England.

I was only there for a short time but I did enjoy myself so looking forward to going back.”

Reflecting on one of his favourite times playing for Tranmere’s opponents on Saturday he recalled his one and only goal scored against Bradford City in league two action.

I scored for Peterborough, the ball hit me in the backside and went in – it was the only goal I ever scored for them!

Speaking regarding one his hopes for an FA Cup run, the 32-year-old was just looking to get through the next round and land a big-side in the draw.

Any [big-team] for me really, as long as we got a big team I would be happy.

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